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The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Resource, Fourth Edition
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What Are the Alternative APLS Course Schedules?

2-Day APLS Course Schedule
APLS Course Directors who want to conduct APLS Courses have the flexibility to customize their courses according to the educational needs of their students. These Course Directors can fill their schedules with any of the didactic sessions or Skill Station modules on the Instructor's ToolKit CD-ROM. There are only two requirements for these "customized" courses to be approved:

  • The total number of hours for the course must be at least 14.5.
  • At least 2 of the 14.5 hours must be presented in Skill Station format, and must cover Airway Procedures and Cardiovascular Procedures Skill Stations.

1-Day APLS Course Schedule
New to the Fourth Edition of APLS is the option for Course Directors to offer the full APLS Course with only 1-day of classroom instruction, preceded by prescribed self-study of six chapters from the APLS student resource manual. Students will register with the Course Director, complete six APLS chapters on their own, verify completion of this self-study by answering multiple-choice questions here, attend 1-day of key didactic sessions and Skill Station modules, and take the APLS Course Completion Examination.

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How the 1-Day APLS Course Works
1-Day APLS Course Schedule


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