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APLS Course Options

  • Didactic sessions are listed in the recommended course schedule as either Lecture or Small Group Discussion according to the format the APLS Steering Committee believes is best for presenting the material. But for all of the didactic sessions, the Instructor's ToolKit CD-ROM includes ready-to-use presentations in both Lecture format and Small Group Discussion format. APLS Course Directors have the flexibility to choose the format that best meets the needs of his or her Faculty and students.
  • Course Directors can change the order in which the modules are presented.
  • The APLS Course can be conducted over more than 2 days. For example, the Course Director can opt to conduct it over 4 half days, or even as 1-hour sessions over 14 days, if such a schedule is more effective for his or her Faculty and students. The key is to do all of the sessions listed.
  • The APLS Course Completion Examination is optional; the Course Director has the flexibility to decide whether taking the examination and getting the Course Completion Card provides benefit to his or her students. However, the 60 minutes allotted for the examination are included in the 14.5 total hours for the course. Course Directors who opt out of the examination should replace it with a 60-minute Lecture, Small Group Discussion, or Skill Station from the APLS curriculum.
  • Remember: The Course Director's Option sections listed at the end of Day 1 and Day 2 in the recommended schedule-a total of 4 hours-are left open for the Course Director's choosing. That means that almost 30% of the 2-day schedule will consist of APLS modules chosen by the Course Director. Again, Course Directors who want to give their students the opportunity to renew their PALS Provider status by attending an APLS Course must follow the recommended 2-day schedule and meet the other requirements established by the AHA for PALS Provider renewal. However, Course Directors who do not plan to add the PALS Provider renewal option have more options.

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