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The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Resource, Fourth Edition
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Responsibilities of APLS Faculty

Before the course:
 Review and prepare to present assigned sessions using the presentations on the Instructor's ToolKit CD-ROM.
 Review the corresponding chapters in the student resource manual, APLS: The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Resource, Fourth Edition.
 Review the principles of adult learning.
 Contact the Course Director with any questions about content or how the material should be presented.
On the day of the course:
 Meet with the Course Director and other Faculty members to review the course schedule, course content, management of Small Group Discussions and Skill Stations as well as any potential problems.
 Arrive at least 1 hour before presentations are scheduled.
 Notify the Course Director immediately if unable to participate in the course as planned.
During the course:
 Present the material in a manner that is consistent with the student resource manual and the Instructor's ToolKit CD-ROM.
 Answer questions about course content, or refer questions to the Course Director.
 Assist the Course Director with distribution and collection of Course evaluation forms.
 Assist the Course Director with administration of the Course Completion Examination.

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