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The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Resource, Fourth Edition
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How Do I Select an APLS Course Schedule?

For this new Fourth Edition, the APLS Steering Committee wanted to make the APLS Course and the teaching-and-learning materials more flexible to meet the needs of Course Directors and their students. There is still a traditional 2-day course schedule, but the materials are designed as modular teaching units for those who want to present the material in a different order or conduct APLS Courses over parts of several days. New to the Fourth Edition is a 1-day course option, in which students complete prescribed self-study on their own and then attend a 1-day APLS Course for key didactic sessions and Skill Stations. And for the first time, the recommended 2-day course schedule includes 4 hours that can be chosen from the APLS curriculum, based on the topics the Course Director believes will be of most benefit

APLS Curriculum
This is the APLS body of knowledge, as reflected in the student resource manual and the Instructor's ToolKit CD-ROM. It is the didactic sessions (Lectures and Small Group Discussions) plus the six Skill Stations on the Instructor's ToolKit CD-ROM. All of the chapters, or modules, in the student resource manual are covered in the teaching- and-learning materials found on the Instructor's ToolKit CD-ROM. And there are six bonus Lectures and Small Group Discussions that were added after the student resource manual was published.

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